Le Messie, Jésus, fils de Marie

Imam Shabir Ally « – Gens du Livre, ne vous portez pas à l'extrême en votre religion. Ne dites sur Dieu que le Vrai : seulement que le Messie Jésus, fils de Marie, était l'envoyé de Dieu, et sa Parole, projetée en Marie, et un Esprit venu de Lui. Croyez en Dieu [...]

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Zootopia, America, and Muslims

Zootopia is one of my favorite movies. The theme of the film is very timely. Zootopia is a place where animals of all species can live together freely and in harmony. The animals have moved beyond their past barbaric “cultures” where animals savagely eat each other. [...]

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I Spent a Week With Syrian Refugees, Here is What I Found. Interview with Radayna Thabata

1)      What inspired you to go to Jordan to work with Syrian refugees? For the longest time, I repeatedly inquired about trips and opportunities I could partake in to provide aide first-hand. I worked with Syrian refugee families in my local community but wanted to help [...]

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Money Can’t Buy Happiness

by Habeeba Husain It seems every time I check my email these days, there are rows of new messages from retailers competing for my attention. Full of capital letters, exclamation points, and stars, these companies seem almost desperate for my clicks. Many times, this tactic works. [...]

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