One to One Email Corrrespondence

Start up an email discussion with 877-WHY-ISLAM Associate 877-WHY-ISLAM has a team of volunteers whose only job is to converse with website guests on a host of topics. Besides answering questions, our associates also enjoy just discussing whatever's on your mind (from theology to sports), so give us a [...]

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877-WHY-ISLAM Toll-free hotline

Toll Free line - Receives calls from USA, Canada,UK, France, & Australia. In US, UK, France & Australia  please call us 24 hrs/7 days: In US please call:  1-877-Whyislam (949-4752) In Australia please call:  1-300-WHYISLAM In France please call:  0800-91-88-92 In UK please call:  0808-189-1044 Pick up [...]

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Visit a Mosque

We'll do our best to arrange a visit for you. 877-WHY-ISLAM has a nationwide team of volunteers,who host non-Muslims at their local Mosques. If you're interested, we'll find a mosque close to your residence, then we'll schedule a good time and date for you to come by. You can [...]

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