The Female Scholars of Islam

Amrah bint Abdur Rahman was amongst the greatest of the female Successors, the generation that came after that of the Companions of the Prophet. She was a scholar, a jurist, and a specialist in prophetic traditions (hadith). The great Caliph Umar b. ‘Abdul ‘Aziz used to say: “If you [...]

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Fatimah bint Sa’d al Khayr

By Sumara Khan Fatimah: A Widely Traveled Seeker of Knowledge The pursuit of knowledge and wisdom into the far reaches of the world is one of the jewels of Islamic civilization, and one of the most widely traveled seekers is a remarkable Muslim woman named Fatimah. Fatimah bint Sa’d al [...]

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Astrolabes and Early Islam: Mariam “Al-Astrolabiya” Al-Ijliya

By Nageen Khan What is an Astrolabe? An astrolabe is a historical instrument used to predict the position of the sun, moon, planet, and stars. It was perfected during the Islamic Golden Age and the European Middle Ages and Renaissance. Many prominent historical figures (including writer Geoffery Chaucer and [...]

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Sumayyah Binte Khayyat

By Farah OnaidThe first female martyr of Islam was a black slave in pre-Islamic Arabia. As we explore her story, one can’t help but wonder: What attracted her to Islam? How did she gather the indomitable courage to defy the norm and embrace change? Was the price she paid worth [...]

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Al-Shifa bint Abdullah

By Sabeen Khan Al-Shifa: Knowledge and Healing Al-Shifa bint Abdullah al-Adawiyyah was born in Mecca; her real name was Laylah, but she was called Al-Shifa as tribute to her knowledge of and skill in healing. She was married to Abi Khaithamah bin Hudhayfah bin Amir al-Qurashi al-Adawi. She was [...]

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