Muslim from South America

L’héritage historique de l’Amérique Latine

Christophe Colomb guidé par les astronomes et les marins musulmans Il est bien connu que les musulmans européens du Moyen Âge étaient bien plus avancés que leurs contemporains non-musulmans, du fait de l'âge d'or de l'Espagne et de la Sicile alors sous domination musulmane. Pourtant, de nombreuses personnes oublient que [...]

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Latin America

Muslims in Latin America When the Americas were discovered by the Spaniards in the fifteenth century, they brought slaves from the north and west of Africa who introduced Islam in Latin America, staying in countries like Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia and some Caribbean islands. In many cases, these Muslim slaves [...]

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Islam in Latin America

Muslims explored South America long before Columbus “discovered” the Americas and Islam was the second monotheistic religion introduced in post-Columbian America after Catholicism. Despite these facts, Islam has had a tragic past in Latin America and only recently have Muslims begun to reclaim their identity and their heritage. Latin [...]

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