History and Muslim Heritage from Europe

Europe: Sicily

The Emirate of Sicily The Emirate of Sicily, located in the south of Italy, was a part of the larger Islamic Empire from the ninth to the eleventh centuries, under a variety of rulers. Under Muslim administration, Sicily flourished: its population doubled, people of different ethnic and religious backgrounds [...]

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Europe: Scholarship and Inventions

Muslim scholars and their inventions In the West, many Muslim scholars were given Latin names such as Avicenna (Ibn Sina, c. 980 - 1037), Rhazes (ar-Razi, c. 841-926), and Averroes (ibn Rushd, c. 1126-1198); their works, as translated in Latin, became widely available. For instance, Ibn Sina’s Canon of Medicine set [...]

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Europe: The Seeds of Renaissance

Gaining knowledge, an Islamic duty Islam encourages the gathering of knowledge and the use of reasoning. In the Qur’an, God repeatedly urges humans to use their intellect and thinking skills so that they may differentiate between truth and falsehood.[1] Furthermore, Islam is a universal religion – not for a [...]

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Europe: Spain

  877-Why-Islam presents a talk by Imam Zaid Shakir - Islamic Spain was a multi-cultural mix of the people of three great monotheistic religions: Muslims, Christians, and Jews. For more information, please call 877-Why-Islam or visit https://frdev2.whyislam.org or check us out on facebook and twitter. [...]

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Cordoba: A City of Light

By Salman Yazdani Located in the Iberian Peninsula, Cordoba was one of the prominent centers of learning and culture in the enlightened Muslim world.  While the rest of Europe was going through its dark ages, this was the most prosperous and sophisticated metropolis in the continent.  It was the [...]

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Granada: The Last Refuge

By Salman Yazdani Muslim rule in Granada With its unique location at the foot of Sierra Nevada and stunning natural surroundings, Granada conquered the hearts of Arab Muslims. They established a prosperous, educated and versatile society in this city. Under Almohad rule by the year 1200 C.E it was one [...]

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Europe: Re-Visiting History

Europe and Islam Europe itself is often thought of as Eastern and Western Europe, which goes back to the time of the Holy Roman (Western) Empire and the Byzantine (Eastern) Empire. The Eastern countries consist of Belarus, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, among others, on its north side and [...]

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