Islamic History, Culture and Heritage in Asia

Baghdad: A Historical Overview

By Saulat PervezThe rich history of BaghdadWhen we think of Baghdad today, we imagine a war-torn, ravaged city. However, Baghdad has a rich history which the present should not obscure. From the eighth century to the thirteenth century, Baghdad was a metropolis known for intellectual and material prosperity, showcasing numerous [...]

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By Saulat Pervez When then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited Indonesia in February, 2009, she remarked, “If you want to know if Islam, democracy, modernity and women’s rights can coexist, go to Indonesia.” Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini expressed similar sentiments during a conference hosted by the Italian Foreign [...]

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Baghdad: Universities and Hospitals

Baghdad's Universities During the later part of the 11th century, Baghdad introduced the precursor to the modern university in the form of a chain of madrasahs which housed students and a salaried faculty. They were known as the Nizamiyah, after their founder Nizam al-Mulk, a Seljuk vizier. The largest and [...]

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Baghdad: Foundation

The Founding of Baghdad Abbasid Caliph al-Mansur founded Baghdad on July 20, 762 C.E., intending it to serve as the capital of Islam and calling it “Madinat-us-Salaam,” or City of Peace. Baghdad was also known as the Round City because it was constructed in a circular shape, consisting of [...]

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Islam in Asia: Introduction

The diversity of Muslims in Asia From the Middle East to southeastern Asia, from central Asia to the Pacific Islands, the diversity in Asia is striking. Yet, despite cultural differences, the religion of Islam forms a common thread across Asia. The majority of people in countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, [...]

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Baghdad: A Center of Learning

Baghdad: an intellectual hub As the city of Baghdad grew, it developed a reputation for learning and research. Scholars from all across the Islamic world were attracted to Baghdad, quickly turning it into an intellectual hub. This was no surprise because Islam puts so much emphasis on acquiring knowledge. In [...]

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Baghdad: Decline

Mongols attack Baghdad By the thirteenth century, the caliphate had weakened due to internal rivalries and a decadent lifestyle. In the wake of such fragmentation, the Mongols attacked in 1258 and devastated the city and its inhabitants. The civilized people of Baghdad were horrified at the savage ways of the [...]

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Baghdad: Famous Scholars

Islam: More than just a religion Islam was the major catalyst which enabled Baghdad to reach its glorified stature. In addition to encouraging the gathering of knowledge and the use of reasoning, Islam was more than just a religion. Being a “way of life”, it was not confined to [...]

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