Europe: Sicily

The Emirate of Sicily The Emirate of Sicily, located in the south of Italy, was a part of the larger Islamic Empire from the ninth to the eleventh centuries, under a variety of rulers. Under Muslim administration, Sicily flourished: its population doubled, people of different ethnic and religious backgrounds [...]

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Timbuktu, Mali

Timbuktu: Fact or Fiction? Timbuktu has long captured popular imagination as a legendary city. The fact that it actually exists still surprises some people who have merely pictured it as a mysterious or mythical place. In reality, Timbuktu became renowned for its riches and scholarship after it was permanently [...]

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Muslims in Australia: The Building of a Community

The general picture of Muslims in Australia is of a predominantly urban, intricate mosaic of communities and relationships at various stages of development. … Overall, it is a success story, a remarkable achievement. In less than forty years, Muslim communities have established themselves and created social and community structures [...]

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Cairo, Egypt

The historic city of Cairo The world was lately riveted by the events taking place in Cairo, Egypt. The unfolding revolution in Tahrir Square transcended ethnic and religious affiliations, inspiring people worldwide with the power of change. In fact, this historic city has undergone many upheavals over the centuries and [...]

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Astrolabes and Early Islam: Mariam “Al-Astrolabiya” Al-Ijliya

By Nageen Khan What is an Astrolabe? An astrolabe is a historical instrument used to predict the position of the sun, moon, planet, and stars. It was perfected during the Islamic Golden Age and the European Middle Ages and Renaissance. Many prominent historical figures (including writer Geoffery Chaucer and [...]

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Islamic Calligraphy

A little taste of an Islamic Art The Glorious Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be on him) in the seventh century of the Christian Era (610 CE - 632 CE). The revelations came to the Prophet through the angel Gabriel. For the past fourteen centuries, Muslims [...]

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