A 1400 Year Old Tradition

Habeeba Husain   Growing up, my family was fortunate enough to live across the street from a prayer space, or musalla. In Islam, men are encouraged to offer the five daily prayers in congregation, and the space in the building across the street allowed my brother and father [...]

2017-12-29T16:15:46-07:00December 22nd, 2017|Le Caractère|


An individual’s character is one of the most important aspects of Islam. Perfecting one’s character is something every Muslim must strive for. In doing so, one must be conscious of internalizing values such as integrity, honesty, compassion,  justice and tolerance. However, it must all begin with faith: the essential character [...]

2017-12-20T17:38:13-07:00November 30th, 2015|Islamic Teachings, Le Caractère|

What We Should Be Teaching Our Children

Zaid Shakir Islamic teachings for children When we talk about Islamic education and our children, the discussion usually revolves around strictly academic issues related to technical aspects of curriculum development, testing standards and methodologies, balancing between secular and religious education, and similar concerns. Sometimes we miss the greater objective [...]

2017-12-01T00:19:31-07:00November 22nd, 2014|Le Caractère, social-ties, Solutions to Social Issues|
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