Le Djihad expliqué

Prof. Amir Ali, publié par l'Institute of Islamic Information & Education Sur le plan linguistique, le mot arabe « djihad » signifie lutter ou se battre et fait référence à tout effort exercé par quelqu'un. Ainsi, un(e) étudiant(e) lutte et se bat pour se former et obtenir ses diplômes ; un(e) employé(e) se [...]

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Jihad Explained

By M. Amir Ali, Ph.D.,Published by The Institute of Islamic Information & Education In the linguistic sense, the Arabic word "jihad" means struggling or striving and applies to any effort exerted by anyone. In this sense, a student struggles and strives to get an education and pass course work; [...]

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Worldwide Condemnation of Terrorism

By Abdullah, WhyIslam Associate Prominent Muslim scholars, organizations and movements, representing the vast majority of Muslims worldwide, have repeatedly condemned terrorism, and have spoken out for peace and justice. Following is a very brief list of such open condemnation of terrorism, including statements issued in the wake of the heinous [...]

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In our modern times, the term ‘jihad’ has come to imply violence, holy wars, and terrorism, particularly in the western world. However, its original, intended meaning – and usage to a great extent in the Muslim world – continues to hark to a larger, more encompassing root word ‘j-h-d’ which [...]

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Jihad FAQs

Could it be possible that Islam, whose light ended the Dark Ages in Europe, now propounds the advent of an age of terror? Could a faith that has over 1.2 billion followers the world over, and over 7 million in America, actually advocate the killing of innocent people? Could Islam, [...]

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Verses of Quran on Jihad

Why are there verses in the Qur’an that encourage Muslims to kill non-believers wherever they find them? The Importance of Context The word ‘context’ has two dictionary meanings: 1. The parts of a written or spoken statement that precede or follow a specific word or passage, usually influencing its meaning [...]

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