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The Qurʾān paints a powerful scene of the day of judgment when the weakest and most fragile humans will receive justice. It was a common custom in some pre-Islamic Arab cultures to bury their new born daughters alive. This custom may have been taking place for decades, but God did not forget these girls. And when the girl who was buried alive is asked: For what sin she was killed? (Q. 81: 8-9). These new born girls are forgotten in history, we do not know anything about them, their names, place of death, or their suffering. It has since been over a thousand years, but God did not forget them! On the day of judgment each girl who was buried alive will be resurrected and given justice.

The day of judgment is a day of accountability, a day when everything, small or large will be brought forth. Everything we do in this world is being recorded and written. Although we may go unpunished or unrewarded in this world, in the hereafter everything will come back to us, the good and the bad.