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The Qurʾān has over 6000 verses which are made up of more than 77,000 words. Among all of these verses there are many important messages of belief, creed, law, ethics, social justice, and the hereafter. Among all of these messages, verses, and words, Allah chose the word “read” to be the first word revealed to the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. This illustrates the importance of knowledge and learning in Islam. The Qurʾān is the only holy book that consistently and clearly asks people to think, reflect, and ponder. This command to read should be taken seriously, because reading has many benefits.

The mind is like the body, if it is not challenged and exercised it will become out of shape. Among the benefits of reading daily are that it provides mental stimulation, increases in knowledge, reduces stress, increases vocabulary, improves memory, strengthens analytical skills. There is no magic pill, fast way, or hocus pocus method of attaining knowledge. It is through consistent and regular reading and learning from teachers. When was the last time you read a book from cover to cover? If it’s been a while, make it a new habit to have a book next to your bed and read a few pages every night before you sleep.