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Have you not considered how Allah sets forth a parable of a good word (being) like a good tree, whose root is firm and whose branches are in heaven.It produces its fruit all the time, by permission of its Lord. And Allah presents examples for the people that perhaps they will be reminded (Q.14:24).

This is the tree to which Allah likens the believer because it is good in all aspects, it is lasting and it offers different kinds of benefit. Ibn ‘Umar reported that the Prophet peace be upon him said: There is a kind of tree whose leaves do not fall and it is like the Muslim. Tell me what it is. The people mentioned different kinds of desert trees and I said to myself, “It is the date tree,” but I felt too shy to speak up. Then the people said, “Tell us what it is, O Messenger of Allah.” He said: “It is the date palm tree.” (Bukhari). The believer is like a tree that is always giving fruits, no matter what time of year it is. A believer nourishes the souls of others, gives shade to the needy and oppressed, and the roots of faith are firm in his or her heart and cannot be shaken.