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Despite the many benefits of technology, it has had a negative impact on the personal, social, and family aspects of our lives. Life at its best is happening right in front of us. We are constantly attached to an electronic device looking for something, perhaps to fill a void within us or to escape a problem. It is a new drug which is used to just get away and zone out. A person has once said “I thought I listen to music because I love music, but I realize it is just my thoughts that I hate,” meaning they listen to music not for the sake of music, but to escape their thoughts and having moments of silence with themselves. The month of Ramadan and the concept of fasting are meant to allow us to get to know ourselves. We can never fully realize our level of dependence on technology until we leave it off for some time.

While it is perhaps unrealistic and unpractical to completely avoid technology, it is healthy to put it away for some time regularly. The world will not end if you do not check your email or social media every five minutes. One might find great value and quality in life if they put their phone and all electronics away for two hours each day. This can be done in the morning, or after work/school hours, or at the very least remove all electronics from the dinner table. Learning to break free from addiction is an important part of being a disciplined Muslim. Today, pick a time to power off your electronic device, decide how you want to spend your free time and get right to it, your life is waiting.