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I had grown up in Pakistan and a real quest ensued internally to explore the faith that I was a part of but had never really understood. This quest came at a time when I also had to figure out my future career path.

As a high school student I enjoyed biology but as I started learning about Islam and the Quran and, taking college level science classes, I realized how the Quran supports and facilitates the study of science. The study of both chemistry and physics became more interesting to me when I knew that these fields were actually discovered by Muslims.

Early in college I was not quite sure what my career path would be but I became more and more fascinated with the overlap of science and my new understanding of my religion of Islam. One class that was particularly meaningful to me in both my spiritual and academic journey was an elective called Environmental Management.

In this class I was overwhelmed with the parallels of science and the Quran. The Quran mentions the perfect hydrological cycle, the perfect sky built without pillars or cracks, and the harmony in and amongst the ecosystems on earth. In biology class I studied the cell structure and that it consists of protoplasm which is composed of water, without which the cell cannot function and dies. The Quran clearly mentions exactly the same fact that God has created every living thing from water. I was astonished. Thus these beautiful facts made me value my faith in Islam even more.

College was a great time for me as I explored the world of science and strengthened my knowledge of Islam. But I was confused in deciding which career to choose for myself. I knew I had the knowledge and background of science subjects but I did not know how to implement my passion of religion and science. Clarity came to me as I started taking a course on the Prophet Muhammad’s sayings and actions. The course was a way for me to learn more about the last prophet of God. I learned about our Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be upon Him) having the highest and the best character amongst the humans.

He was not only good to his fellow Muslims but also to his people from the other faiths, even towards his enemies. He was known in his community as the truthful one (“Al-Sadiq”) and the trustworthy one (“Al-Amin”). People trusted him and his counsel and he was always on the side of the oppressed.  He showed mercy to the orphans and the poor and gave women their due rights and dignity.

In every way he was a mercy to the worlds. Learning about the Prophet Muhammad touched me so much that I began involving myself in community service.  I donated one of my favorite paintings to a Hospital and it felt reassuring to see that a small gesture like a painting in a hospital can affect the morale of cancer patients to give them hope to fight against cancer.

With my understanding of the Prophet and my love for the sciences I was prepared to work towards my future as a dentist. I wanted to help people relieve their pain but through my skills as a dentist. I feel at ease knowing that my career aspirations support my faith and will continue to help people.