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“Just do it!” “Have it your way!” “Obey Your Thirst” “America Runs on Dunkin.” What does it mean to “Just do it?” Should we do things without thinking of consequences? And why do you always have to “Have it your way?” Should you obey your thirst or should your thirst be obeying you? And when was the last time you saw someone running on Dunkin? We live in a world that places an extreme emphasis on immediate gratification of the self. We are constantly in a race to get more. We feel like we need the newest phone, gadget, or car model. Without this we feel empty. We are looking for a sense of happiness or to fill a void. However, once we get the newest item we quickly find ourselves disappointed and let down and the void only gets bigger.

When was the last time you got more and wanted less? What are the real important things in life? When was the last time you experienced the happiness of giving and serving rather than purchasing and accumulating? Contentment is a treasure that never ends. If you are content you will be wealthy and rich, because you have all you need. If you are not content, you will be poor even though you may have everything. The Qurʾān tells us to strike a balance in life, to enjoy life, but not be excessive. Eat and drink, but be not excessive. Indeed, He likes not those who commit excess (Q. 7: 31).