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Le péché originel

Dr Laurence Brown Le concept de péché originel est totalement étranger au judaïsme et au christianisme oriental, et n'a été accepté que dans l'Église occidentale. Par ailleurs, les notions de péché chrétienne et islamique sont presque antinomiques sur certains aspects. Par exemple, la notion de « péché par la pensée » n'existe pas dans l'Islam ; pour un [...]

January 1st, 2018|Islam et Autres Croyances|

Le hidjab, modestie, humilité et dignité

Saulat Pervez Au nom de Dieu, le Tout miséricorde, le Miséricordieux Le code islamique de la modestie s'étend à tous les aspects de notre vie, y compris à la tenue vestimentaire. Le hijab, le couvre-chef porté par les femmes musulmanes, est la manifestation extérieure de l'engagement intérieur à adorer Dieu. Cette petite brochure abordera les [...]

Le Djihad expliqué

Prof. Amir Ali, publié par l'Institute of Islamic Information & Education Sur le plan linguistique, le mot arabe « djihad » signifie lutter ou se battre et fait référence à tout effort exercé par quelqu'un. Ainsi, un(e) étudiant(e) lutte et se bat pour se former et obtenir ses diplômes ; un(e) employé(e) se bat pour accomplir son travail [...]

January 1st, 2018|jihad, Jihad FAQs|

Muslim Slaves: America’s First Muslims

With the approach of Black History month, rising Islamophobia, and the portrayal of Islam as a religion that is foreign to America, it is important for us to look back at the history of Muslims in this country. The identity of slaves who came to America is rarely mentioned in the media, movies, or [...]

Does Islam Teach Hatred and Violence?

Islam is often painted as being a religion of hatred and unrestricted violence. Donald Trump said “I think Islam hates us.”  Islam is not a person and therefore cannot hate. Furthermore, it is unclear who “us” is since Muslims are Americans as well. He was perhaps regurgitating the false notion that Islam teaches Muslims to [...]

July 10th, 2017|FAQs, Home Article, What do Muslims Believe?|

Does God Exist?

The question of God’s existence is one that is often raised in gatherings, classrooms, television, and movies. While some doubt God, many humans throughout different times, cultures, and regions acknowledged the existence of a higher power. Despite the fact that humans differ on almost everything, the belief in a higher power has been consistent in [...]

February 11th, 2017|Concept of God, FAQs, Home Article, L'existence de Dieu|

Shariah Laws and Women: Interpretations and Misinterpretations

By Dr. Jasser Auda Women’s issues are the real test for the current Islamic reform. The reason is that groundless and unfair differentiation between men and women is deeply embedded in many popular opinions that we inherited from the eras of decline of the Islamic civilization. First of all, it is necessary to make the [...]

January 31st, 2015|Islam, Islam et Question de Genre, Women in Islam|

Gender Equity in Islam

Jamal A. Badawi, Ph.D. World Assembly of Muslim Youth I. Introduction & Methodology When dealing with the Islamic perspective of any topic, there should be a clear distinction between the normative teachings of Islam and the diverse cultural practices among Muslims, which may or may not be consistent with them. The focus of this paper [...]

Islamic Shariah

By Saulat Pervez When the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, first began to receive revelations from God in 610 A.D., little did he know that they were the foundational stones for the formation of a future state to be refined piecemeal over the next 23 years. Complete with divinely-ordained laws, a blueprint for [...]

October 25th, 2014|FAQs, North America, shariah, social-ties, Society|

Shariah Law: Opportunity or Threat to America? Imam Siraj Wahhaj

Shariah is an integral part of Islam. It is often defined as ‘Islamic law,’ causing one to assume that it consists mostly of criminal rulings and penalties. However, Shariah encompasses much more than the conventional understanding of law. While Shariah provides the legal framework for the foundation and functioning of a society, it also [...]

August 7th, 2014|FAQs, North America, shariah, social-ties|

Why don’t Muslims condemn terrorism?

Prominent Muslim scholars, organizations and movements, representing the vast majority of Muslims worldwide, have repeatedly condemned terrorism, and have spoken out for peace and justice. Following is a very brief list of such open condemnation of terrorism, including statements issued in the wake of the heinous attacks on September 11.   1. The American Muslim [...]

August 10th, 2011|La Violence en Islam|

What about verses in the Qur’an that encourage you to kill non-believers wherever you find them?

This is a question that often comes up in critiques of Islam, especially in light of recent political events. It is incumbent on Muslims to respond to and clear misconceptions stemming from Islam’s perceived stance on violence and interfaith relations.   The Importance of Context The word ‘context’ has two dictionary meanings: • The parts [...]

August 9th, 2011|La Violence en Islam|

Did the Prophet massacre and persecute the Jews in Madina?

Historical accounts of Prophet Muhammed describe in detail his clear and fair dealings with the Jewish tribes in and around the city of Madina. As soon as the Prophet emigrated to Madina, he established the Constitution of Madina or ‘Sahifa’. It was the first multicultural, multi-religion constitution in the world that gave everyone equal rights, [...]

August 9th, 2011|Islam et Autres Croyances|

Why does the Quran refer to Jews and Christians as kufar, or infidels? What kind of respect and tolerance is that?

The translation of the word kafir as infidel is a grave error. The word infidel means someone who does not believe in God. The Qur’an does not allege that Jews and Christians do not believe in God. On the contrary the Qur’an refers to Jews and Christians respectfully as “People of the Book” and says: [...]

August 9th, 2011|Islam et Autres Croyances|

Why does Islam prohibit the consumption of alcohol?

Alcohol has been the scourge of human society since time immemorial. It continues to cost countless human lives, and causes terrible misery to millions throughout the world. Alcohol is the root cause of several problems facing society. The statistics of soaring crime rates, increasing instances of mental illnesses and millions of broken homes throughout the [...]

August 9th, 2011|Les Interdits en Islam|

Why do women in Muslim countries not have the same rights as women in the West, such as rights for education and employment?

Gender issues the world over, including the Muslim world need urgent attention. However, the issues faced by women in the Muslim world are of a vastly different nature as compared to issues faced by women in the West. Firstly it is important to differentiate between the status of women in Islam and the present status [...]

August 9th, 2011|Islam et Question de Genre|

Is the ‘Nation of Islam’ a Muslim organization?

The beliefs and tenets of the ‘Nation of Islam’ are contrary to some of the fundamental tenets of Islam. In is therefore incorrect to consider the Nation of Islam a Muslim organization. The Nation of Islam was formed to address racial inequity and civil rights concerns of African-Americans in the United States. The Nation uses [...]

August 1st, 2011|L'Islam en Occident|

Verses of Quran on Jihad

Why are there verses in the Qur’an that encourage Muslims to kill non-believers wherever they find them? The Importance of Context The word ‘context’ has two dictionary meanings: 1. The parts of a written or spoken statement that precede or follow a specific word or passage, usually influencing its meaning or effect. 2. The set [...]

June 25th, 2010|Jihad FAQs|

Why does Islam have the concept of jihad or holy war, which some use to justify violence and terrorism?

Islam and Peace Islam comes from the root word Salaam, which means peace. It also means submitting one's will to Allah (swt). The word Salaam is also an attribute of God. In this context, it means ‘The Giver of Peace’. Muslims greet each other with Assalaamu alaikum which translates to wishing peace for one another. [...]

June 25th, 2010|Jihad FAQs|
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