Islam and the Environment

Caring for the environment is an important teaching of Islam. The Qurʾān describes mankind as being stewards of the earth and therefore Muslims must care for the earth. It is our responsibility to care for the earth and environment. The reality of climate change requires us to rethink our lifestyles [...]

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Benefits of Prayer

In his famous book on Provisions of the Hereafter, Ibn Qayyim mentions several benefits of prayer. These serve as a reminder for those seeking spiritual and emotional relief that prayer is the best outlet. The benefits of prayer include: It brings one closer to God Removes sins It brings relief [...]

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Read in the Name of God

The first word revealed in the Qurʾān was “read” or “recite.” The word iqra carries both meanings in it. Reading is a gateway to spiritual growth and intellectual development. Today, short tweets and social media posts cause many to be lazy to spend time reading and indulging in deep and [...]

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Giving God a Loan

It might be a natural tendency to think that one loses money when they give charity. However, Islam challenges that notion. The Prophet peace be upon him is noted to have said that giving charity does not decrease one’s wealth. Allah also says in the Qurʾān: Who is it that [...]

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A Tree Without a Fruit

The first word revealed in the Qurʾān was “read.” Islam consistently emphasizes and encourages people to learn, read, think, reflect, and ponder. However, one cannot stop at knowledge, one must also act on what they know. Knowledge without action is like a tree that cannot give fruits. It is a [...]

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Parent Child Communication

Islam is a religion for all, young, old, male, female, educated, and the unlettered. The Qurʾān provides guidance about proper parent-child communication. Prophets in the Qurʾān were all concerned about the guidance of their children. A constant theme in Prophet Ibrahim’s supplication was that his offspring be guided, establish prayer, [...]

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