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When the Baby Girl is Asked…

The Qurʾān paints a powerful scene of the day of judgment when the weakest and most fragile humans will receive justice. It was a common custom in some pre-Islamic Arab cultures to bury their new born daughters alive. This custom may have been taking place for decades, but God did [...]

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Does God Exist?

The question of God’s existence is one that is often raised in gatherings, classrooms, television, and movies. While some doubt God, many humans throughout different times, cultures, and regions acknowledged the existence of a higher power. Despite the fact that humans differ on almost everything, the belief in a higher [...]

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Speaking Up

American Muslims, like other minority groups, live in a political and social climate that causes immense stress. Many people may think that silence is the best way to get by in moments of political and social uncertainty. They wish that if they just do not say or do anything, things [...]

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Want to Live Longer?

The actions and choices we make each day impact our future. Kindness, good character, healthy relationships with family and neighbors increases our life span. The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said: Verily, whoever has been given the quality of kindness has been given his portion of good in [...]

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