Muslims respect and venerate Jesus, peace be upon him. They consider him to be one of God’s greatest messengers to humankind. The Quran re-affirms his miraculous birth and his miraculous abilities. Furthermore, his mother Mary is regarded as one of the most pure and exalted women of all creation. At [...]

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Moses (Musa), peace be upon him, is a prophet mutually revered by Muslims, Christians, and Jewish people. God relates the story of Moses repeatedly throughout the Quran, His final revelation. While it is similar to the Biblical narrative, it also differs in some crucial places. The Quran chronicles his journey [...]

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Finding Islam

Dr. Laurence Brown There is a certain fascination with conversion stories, and for good reason. Frequently they involve dramatic life-altering events, sufficient to shock the convert out of the materialistic world and into the spiritual. Most who pass through such moments of trial and panic experience an overwhelming feeling [...]

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